Acquisition And Disposition Agreement

We have extensive experience advising buyers and sellers of real estate at all stages of development, including (i) Master-Planentwickler in connection with the sale of homes to building owners, (ii) national and regional home builders, residential properties of real estate developers acquire and sell; (iii) developers who acquire and sell land for condo, housing, trade and commerce, (iv) buyers and sellers of troubled buildings, including partially developed projects and « broken » condominiums, and (v) developers who purchase unauthorized land for sale or development rights. We regularly structure transactions to provide our clients with the opportunity to « phase » acquisition and project development to maximize returns and reduce risk. Acted for a company involved in the acquisition, financing and sale of apartment buildings of a total of more than 1,000 units. In addition, SSL lawyers, with our wide range of real estate expertise, have effectively led legal efforts for large-scale project and portfolio acquisitions, including negotiating purchase and sale contracts and loan documents, controlling securities and measures, controlling land and area allocation, environmental diligence and coordinating more complex closures. Was represented a developer in the acquisition of land, development and lease of a 96,000 square meter office complex, consisting of a three-storey office building and seven one-storey office buildings on 9 hectares of land next to ontario International Airport, Ontario, California. Demanding property owners and investors are not just looking for lawyers who know the legal landscape. They want lawyers who know how to drive the purchase or sale through the negotiation process and protect their interests, while at the same time not alienating the other side of the table. Once the purchase and sale contract is signed, the due diligence takes place with attention to detail that allows for quick and easy closure. Lawyer Robert Roseman has more than 43 years of experience in supporting clients in various real estate matters, including acquisition and disposition, and understands the nature of the laws that relate to this type of transaction. Mr. Roseman is able to complete legal instructions as an example, but is not limited to the following issues related to the disposition or acquisition of real estate: Our lawyers are practically from the beginning, offering a full range of acquisition and disposition services for real estate development companies, public and private REITs, pension funds , opportunity funds, real estate funds, hotel owners and resorts, utility companies, banks and other financial institutions, farmers and end-users of all types.

From start to finish, Sidley`s real estate practice is able to negotiate the investment of 110 finished lots in Southern California for a purchase price of more than $45 million. In addition to developing transaction documents, our work is often to help our clients collect information on the status of claims and similar development-related legal obstacles, (ii) review of registered and unregistered property agreements; (iii) negotiation of ancillary documents such as facilities, water law agreements, remittance agreements, joint development agreements, cost-sharing agreements and other agreements necessary for property development, and (iv) to advise our clients on the applicability of their rights and other contracting parties under various agreements.