Bluescope Springhill Agreement

Finally, our request for 3 x 30 minute breaks was discussed as a standard, the unions clearly took a position on the inadequacy of the current agreement of 2 x 20 minute breaks for 12-hour shift workers for issues related to sector restructuring, fatigue management and heat stress. We are not yet entitled to two separate agreements in the steel mills and springhill. We have informed the company that if there is a benefit to members for an agreement, the company should now put those benefits on the table, otherwise the unions will initiate fair working procedures to ensure that 2 agreements are maintained. The company has committed to answer the question of two agreements by Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Further discussions took place on penalty interest on personal leave. The union noted that penalty interest for personal leave should apply to all members of the steelworks and Springhill. The company also submitted a proposal on its right to flexibility. The proposal included provisions relating to part-time work, the allocation of positions/retirement and the elimination of delimitation between departments. The EEA, EET and ETU strongly opposed part-time work. The AWU, AMWU and ETU have informed the company that we are prepared to further consider what the transition to retirement might be as long as it brings an advantage to members. Following discussions the previous week, Bluescope presented a draft clause regarding the maintenance of the sentence and the consultation/introduction of amendments.

The AWU legal team is currently reviewing these clauses to provide feedback to the company. BlueScope offers a rewarding place to work, support and integration. To learn more and apply for these roles, click here. Further discussions have taken place on current bonus systems. Bluescope provided data on how the existing personal bonus system could be applied to members. The AWU, AMWU and ETU have argued for an increase in our current bonus system because our current bonus system is more advantageous. Do you want to work with us? We have an exciting selection of new operator positions in our Port Kembla steelworks. Not to mention that we offer all the necessary training. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our activities on the site with aimee and Richard, who share their experience.