Canada Temporary Passport Exchange Agreement

If you are like 98 per cent of Canadian travellers, your passport is blue. A third party can exchange passports for you if they have: the first Canadian passports were issued in 1862, after the outbreak of the American Civil War, when the United States requested a safer identification of Canadians who wanted to cross the border. They took the form of a letter of request from the Governor General of Canada. These documents remained in service until 1915, when Canadian passports were first issued in the British format, a 10-piece sheet file. [11] From 2002 to May 2015, all Canadian passports contained two signature rooms: one is on the data page where a scanned signature is printed with other personal data, the other is an empty signature block on page 3. Once applicants have received the passport, people over the age of 16 must also sign the ink signature block. [33] 5.42 Section 9 of the Canada Passport Regulations lists the criteria by which the Agency may refuse an applicant to issue a passport. They may have been charged, incarcerated or prohibited from leaving Canada for criminal offences or convicted of an offence under Section 57 of the Criminal Code. Section 10 lists similar reasons why a passport could be revoked. A passport applicant can request in writing that irCC do not make a list of the place of birth (city and country) or country of birth on its data page by filling out PPTC 077. The applicant must be aware that the omission of this information may cause difficulties at international ports of entry or when applying for a visa.

[39] 5.18 We believe that this assessment is essential in determining Passport Canada`s control and safety priorities. If you need a passport in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and need a passport quickly due to exceptional circumstances, please contact us for more information on the requirements of a temporary passport. 5.25 In 2005, we found that Passport Canada did not lack a quality assurance system to support an examiner`s decision as to whether an applicant was entitled to a passport and whether that decision had been made in accordance with procedure (Figure 5.4). On April 7, 2010, Passport Canada announced that Canada would begin issuing ePassports or ePassports to all its citizens in 2012. Passport Canada states that « the use of ePassports will allow Canada to comply with international passport security standards to protect canada`s borders and maintain the ease of international travel currently enjoyed by Canadians. At the same time, Passport Canada proposes the possibility of a 10-year validity period and the current validity period of 5 years. [46] 5.66 Passport Canada is also working on a passport renewal process. This is a simplified and more convenient process for qualified candidates and more efficient.

Passport Canada has invited selected passport holders to participate, and is evaluating the results to potentially extend the possibility to all passport holders. The Agency intends to focus funds on higher-risk cases, while facilitating service for low-risk cases. There is the chestnut brown diplomatic passport used for diplomats and senior government officials; the special green passport for senators, MPs, and then the temporary white passport, issued to those waiting for a regular passport or those in desperate need of a passport.