Dutch Word For Agreement

HOWEVER, be really careful in the way you say it. It is pronounced as the word in English. Thank you for a great comment! There`s some really great information out there. The « man » thing that I quite agree with most likely depends on the group and the region, the age of the people 😉 Lekker is then a funny word! Thank you for explaining. It`s interesting when you know it`s about the senses. Thank you so much for the comments! Haha yes intended to limit it to « 7 words », was it a stranger`s observations about the language and the many subtleties of the words 🙂What do you love a Dutch person? Do you want to compliment them and use flattering words like mooi? Watch this Dutch learning video on « How to Love in Dutch, » which is essentially a compilation of interviews with people learning the language for someone they love. Thank you, Bart!! We also have 7 more words in Dutch on our Youtube channel! Better to subscribe to this one, hoor man! […] Not only will your dead be taken from friends of the school long before you even remember 7 Dutch words, but they will adopt a (school) culture different from the one you raised in many ways […] This word means more or less the same as lekker, but it refers more to the things you do. Everything from a new book, a vacation or a nice cycle. Thank you for your comments! Haha agrees. Struggled to explain to people both « hoor » and explained « hoor » to me. It`s a funny word.

There is a strong agreement that the « man » thing could be regional. Have noticed this in some groups and not in others. Haha ja seems to be right, it looks like there should have been « gezel » inside. I also wanted to put « Toch » in, but keep the article short and sweet 😉 This word can be used to answer almost any question. From what I have learned, there is no limit to that word. The most common Dutch way to say Goodnight is slaap lekker, which means « sleep well. » « R » at the end of the hoor. You will have no problem with that. In fact, I like the way the Dutch stop their words with the r,t,d. And it took six months to go to school every morning to practice R tho. The English equivalent would be more in the « true » sense of reconciling with what the other person said, although perhaps it is only my Australian slang.

The word can also be used as a question when checking that someone is sure of something. If you want to hear this word so that you practice your pronunciation abilities immediately (yes, keep going, don`t be embarrassed – shout proudly on your computer screen), here`s a handy video on lekker… Speaking of which, here is a video we made with our friend Bart De Pau of Learn Dutch (whose Youtube channel has nearly 90K subscribers) all about dating in the Netherlands. This could be useful if you find that you have had trouble flirting and using the word mooi… Nice article! As a Dutchman, I do not agree with you on the interpretation of the word « hoor. » It is not used to accentuate things or add more confidence. It is used in two ways: 1. « Reassuring. » If someone asks you, « Am I following you? Or: « Are we going to be late? » You can answer « nee hoor » as a kind of « no, don`t worry. » Or if you try to say that something is not really a problem: « Can I borrow your bike? » « Yes hoor, » which is `yes, it`s good`, `DON`T MEAN a SUPER `Yes definitely!` 2. Reduce the value of yes or no. If you ask someone, « Have your vacation been enjoyable? » And they say « yes hoor, » they think yes, it was ok, so in fact, they don`t say yes, or they say it as if they don`t care.

Leuk is a very weak word. It means beautiful. The only way to make it something exciting is by adding word like true leuc, leuc heel, etc.