Founders Agreement With Vesting

Do not hesitate to contact us with comments or questions! The company is managed by the founders and a majority of the founders may take action on behalf of the company, unless expressly stated in this agreement. The unanimous written agreement of all founders is required for: the company will specifically allocate revenues and losses in accordance with the current U.S. Partnership Tax Safe Harbor provisions, to prevent a founder from running a capital deficit at the end of a fiscal year. Contrary to the above, no founder may participate in an activity or activity directly in competition with the project within the [geographical region] in order to protect the legitimate business interests of the company, whether it is an employee, consultant, manager, director, advisor, owner, individual entrepreneur, investor or partner. Ownership of 1% or less of the securities of a listed company is not considered to be participating in a competitive activity or a competitive activity. The obligations of the founders (obligations to the company) set out in this section apply until the later date of each founder, 3 months after the end of the partnership of the company and (ii) the provision of services to the company, whether it is a partner, employee, executive, director or other. The term « project IP » does not include inventions developed by a founder exclusively at the time of that founder, without using any business equipment, accessories, equipment or trade secrets, unless the invention referred to the project at the time of conception or reduction of practice. If you and your co-founder (or co-founder) start your entrepreneurial journey together, it is essential that you all share the same vision of the purpose and future of your company. It`s easy to get involved in the thrill, to create a potentially successful startup together, but you all need to take the time to create the existential foundations of the business and avoid the possibility of a drastic outage later as soon as possible. Yes, talking about topics such as corporate roles, vision and justice, etc., can be unpleasant among founders.