Ifta Standard Distribution Agreement

11 N. Repayment: It is understood and accepted that if the distributor has the right to make a specific right or to obtain payment of funds paid under this contract, this claim or refund is conditional on the licensee asserting and receiving such a refund from the company from which the licensee acquired the rights. O. This agreement can be carried out in return, each representing a single instrument. Delivery of a consideration for this contract executed by fax or electronic delivery in portable documents (« .pdf ») or by marked image file formats (« .tiff ») is as efficient as delivering a counter-part of this manually executed Contract. This agreement is intended to be the definitive, complete and exclusive expression of the agreement reached between them with respect to the purpose of this agreement. This agreement replaces all previous written or written agreements on this matter. NOTHING IN THESE TERMS IS IN EACH WAY MEANT TO LIMIT LICENSORS RIGHTS AND REMEMDIES OR DISTRIBUTORS OBLIGATIONS UNDER THIS DISTIRBUTION AGREEMENT DATED MAY 20, DISTRIBUTOR ACKNOWLEDGES A RECEIPT OF THESE ADDITIONAL TERMS AND HAS READ THIS ENTIRE AGREEMENT INCLUDING THE DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT, THESE ADDITIONAL TERMS AND THE IFTA STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS, ALL INCORPORATED READ, RECOGNIZED AND ACCEPTED BY: AUTHORIZED DATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRIBUTOR : IFTA Multiple Rights V: 2005 Deal Terms DT-9 D: 18-Feb-11 10 V. ADDITIONAL TERMS Contract: EBS00956 A. Governing Law: State of New York B. Dispute Resolution: Any dispute under this agreement is resolved by the final and binding reconciliation of AFMA rules for international arbitration, as required under standard conditions.

C. Forum: County of New York D. Brand and logo: The distributor is required to display the licensee`s brand and logo, which must never be smaller or less visible than all other brands or logos that appear in mailings, stills, posters, jackets and other marketing materials related to the images. E. Payment calendar: time so essential for all payments that are due. The licensee reserves the right to hold deposits or other payments as non-refundable (even if the donor has terminated the agreement due to the lack of payment in a timely manner).