Novation Agreement Traduction

a post-negotiation assignment or reorganization of a derivative contract in which one of the parties to the derivative contract is replaced by a third party. it is expressly stated that it complies with a contract negotiated on a regulated market, an MTF or such a third-country trading system. 20 open position holders hold a specific contract on a given trading platform; There you go. The last date of trading and the last hour of the contract notified. . The invention offers a system and procedure that facilitates the structured negotiation of a contract between two parties, for example. B parties to a real estate transaction. . For example, the tender for work between agents takes place. B in agreement with a negotiating basis based on the contractual network.

the rules of the trading platform where the contract is subject to compensation in accordance with the rules of the trading platform. The central process of negotiating and concluding contracts includes developing a negotiating strategy, conducting negotiations, selecting suppliers and obtaining funds. When an over-the-counter contract has been entered into and the instrument concerned is allowed to trade or trade on a trading platform, the MIC XOFF code is used.