Qfc Custody Agreement

12 restrictions on eligible financial contracts by systemically important U.S. banking organizations and the U.S. operations of systemically important foreign banking organizations; revisions to the definition of the Master Netting Agreement and related definitions, 82 FR 42882 (13 November 2017), available under 13 restrictions on qualified financial contracts of certain institutions subject to FDIC supervision; revision of the definition of the qualified « master netting » agreement and the definitions associated with it, 82 FR 50228 (30 October 2017), available under; restrictions on eligible financial contracts of certain FDIC-monitored institutions; revisions to the definition of the Master Netting Agreement and the corresponding definition, 82 FR 61443 (28 December 2017), available under 14 contractual conditions of residence for eligible financial contracts, 82 FR 56630 (November 29, 2017), available from 15 commentators, U.S. regulators had asked to clarify that a change in swaps under these rules would not have the effect of subjecting to such requirements a performance swap that was previously excluded from the fluability margin requirements. U.S. regulators found that they « did not expect compliance [with the final rules] to trigger the swap margin requirements for unsealed swaps. » Following the release of the final rules, the U.S. prudent regulators and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission respectively issued rules to change swap margin requirements for non-equivalent swaps to comply with final rules. Under the proposal, older swaps would not be subject to swap margin requirements for unsettled swaps, as they would only be amended to meet the requirements of the final rules (margin and capital requirements for covered companies; Proposed Rule, 83 FR 7413 (February 21, 2018), available from; margin requirements for unclarified swap contracts and major swap participants; Proposed article, 83 FR 23842 (23 May 2018)