Ucop Collective Bargaining Agreements

Below are details of the ongoing negotiations and existing employment contracts with each bargaining unit. Select your trading unit below for more information. A. The university may discipline or lay off an ASE for a just reason. « discipline »: a written warning, suspension without payment or dismissal. An oral warning may be included in a complaint if it is later used as evidence or to justify the extent of the sanction in a disciplinary case. A person who is no longer employed in the bargaining unit may, pursuant to section 12, file a claim regarding the placement of a written warning inserted in the EMPLOYMENT file of the ESA in accordance with this section within 30 days of the date on which the ASE knew or should have known that a written warning had been included in its employment file. The campuses of the University of California, Berkeley and Merced are not prevented from offering ESAs, who are employed during the summer session, the opportunity to teach up to two lab classes for a single six-, eight- or ten-week session. For these appointments, the provisions of the collective agreement that limit the ESA`s working time to a single day or a week do not apply to the ESA, which teaches two laboratory classes. However, the provisions of the collective agreement that limit the working time carried out by the ESA throughout the summer session apply. A. Such changes would have a significant impact on the working conditions of a significant number of employees in the collective agreement unit; B.

If the purpose of the amendment is within the scope of heera representation; and c. If the UAW submits a request to negotiate with the university within 15 calendar days from the receipt of the university`s notification by the UAW, in accordance with Section C.1. 1. the applicable nomination title, 2. the percentage of appointments (or the time range), 3) validity data, 4) salary/salary, 5) health and other applicable benefits or deductions, 6th recruitment unit, 7) contact with the recruitment unit, 8) reaction requirements, 9. A statement that the position is covered by the collective agreement between the parties, 10. a statement that an ASE that anticipates access to toilets for all types and/or lactation assistance should, for the applicable procedure, refer to Article 20 of the BX agreement; 11) a declaration that an ASE anticipating housing must refer to Article 20 of the BX agreement for the applicable procedure; 12. Reference to Article 4 – Child Custody and a link to information on child care reimbursement and eligibility, 13. time and place of the NEW ASS APPLICABLE guidelines, 14. that the names and departmental addresses of all ESAs be released for each period (quarter/semester) at the UAW, 15. the address of the contract`s website, 16. a link to the UAW 2865 website and, 17.

a statement that the ESA can address the UAW to support 1. The UAW must not call, encourage or organize a sympathy strike in support of another UC union or bargaining unit. 2. In this section, each ASS retains freedom of expression, including its right to engage in activities that sympathize with other UC unions or bargaining units on strike in the WORKPLACE of the ASE. If THE ESA exercises these rights and does not fulfill the hope that they will meet the conditions of its appointment, the university considers that they cannot be paid for work they do not perform. Has. Manual delivery: in case of manual delivery, the performance certificate must be attached to the appeal before an arbitration procedure. The date of receipt is used to determine the date of appeal for manually placed claims.