Ung Student Worker Agreement

The maximum working time is 25 hours per cumulative week (in all occupations) for the fall and spring semesters. Student assistants are exempt from Social Security and the Medicare tax. If, at any time, it is found that a student`s hours of work must exceed 25 hours/week, the department must contact the human resources department to change the status of part-time/temporary students. Any worker who has been granted paid leave must sign an agreement prior to the start of their leave, which states that: Title:Student Disability Services Note Taker (Fall 2020) Campus Location:Gainesville General Summary:The University of North Georgia currently accepts applications for a Student Disability Services Note Taker. UNG`s Student Disability Services (SDS) note service helps qualified students with disabilities find note takers. Note Takers are assigned according to a first-come basis, first service and at the discretion of the SDS note coordinator. Information about disability, accommodation and people registered by SDS is confidential. Participants are expected not to reveal the identity of the student for whom they are taking notes and sign a confidentiality agreement. Information takers must be registered in the class for which they take notes, take clear, readable notes and put these notes in within 24 hours of each course to allow a qualified student to access the order`s course notes. Participation in the Faculty of Nursing Study Assistance Program is available to part-time faculties of care who have successfully completed at least six (6) months of employment by the time of the deadline for applications for the university assistance program for the desired semester of study. Qualified part-time care faculties (which meet applicable admission standards and have obtained prior authorization from their institution) may register in nine (9) credit hours for each of the three defined semesters: fall semesters, spring semesters and summer semesters. Student status is secondary to employee status in all considerations, including tuition exemption. Educational assistance is the renunciation of teaching and the waiver of certain fees.