Upper Darby Collective Bargaining Agreement

1. The Board of Education and/or the School Reform Commission for the School District of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (the « Federation ») recognize that their common goal is to achieve excellence in education to ensure that all students have every opportunity for academic success. The parties recognize that their interest in achieving this goal goes well beyond the framework of a collective agreement on the terms and conditions of employment of members of the collective agreement unit and commit to working together to achieve their goal. 4. In the event that a client or other administrator wishes to discuss with a worker issues that could affect his or her position on discharge, reunification, decommissioning or transfer, or that may lead to an unfavourable anecdotal registration, that administrator may indicate in writing to the worker that he may have a representative of the Federation at that conference. In the event that this employee participates in the conference without reservation as a result of such communication, any agreement or statement he makes may be used. If the worker is not aware of a right of union representation, the agreements or statements of the worker or the appearance of such a conference cannot be used for disciplinary purposes or with respect to the employee. 5. Except in an emergency, when maximum notifications are made, a worker must be informed at least twenty-four (twenty-four) hours in advance of each meeting he or she must attend with an administrator.

This notice also includes the purpose of the meeting. 6. At each conference between a rector and a worker, attended by a non-employee from the school district, the worker participating in that conference has the right to be represented by a (1) representative of the association of his choice. This provision should not be construed as depriving a student`s parents of the right to a private lecture with the student`s teacher or counselor. 7. Disciplinary measures are implemented within a reasonable time after the event that has resulted in or known of disciplinary action. 6. In each high school, technical and secondary school, all members of the federal construction committee are simultaneously broken down at least once a week for a period of preparation, provided that the association presents the names of its committee to the head of the school before the rolling board is established. Each meeting between the site manager and the works committee will take place during this period of joint preparation.