Violating Lease Agreement Pet

Remember that your tenant has probably connected to the pet and the removal of the pet could be emotional. You must comply with your rental conditions and follow the legal procedures to get your tenant to repair the violation of the rental agreement. If the property allowed pets allowed, but tenants had a visitor with a dog, could a $500 fee be levied if the lease states that « all pets not allowed on the site are subject to a $500 fee $US »? or must be stated in the rental agreement: « All unauthorized pets, including the visitor`s pets found in the field, are charged with a fee of US$500 »? I am just wondering if there is a grey area that could possibly lift this tax. Our landlord tries to charge us $500 for an unauthorized dog that stayed in our house for a few hours. Apparently, it`s harder than I thought to find the answer to this question, so I thought I`d give it a try here. We are in Alberta, Canada tenants already have a connection and a connection with the animal, so it is not always the easiest thing to try to get the tenants to slaughter the animal. However, landlords must be clear and rigorous with tenants to ensure they know they are violating the directive and they are liable to a fine. I have a beautiful townhouse and the association only allows dogs under 25 pounds, I went through the rules and gave the tenant the rules and regulations of the association, they filled out the papers for their background exam and club documents that said they had a dog, bandage approved them. On February 18, 2019, we signed a lease that clearly has 25 pounds or less.

You gave me a deposit of 2 months with a lease from the 1st. April 2019 Please note that if you are dealing with a landlord-tenant issue, seek professional mutual legal assistance. The material provided here is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal assistance. A breach of lease can be proof that you have complied with the law in an eviction proceeding. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you send a full notification of rental violations. Contracts such as leases cannot be changed without the agreement of both parties, unless the entire document is already a language authorizing the modification. Even if your lease does not allow pets, you may have the legal right to keep your pet. Your right to keep your pet may depend on local housing laws, the type of accommodation you live in, and the nature of the lease you have. That`s why it`s so important to find legal resources to support you. If your pet meets the legal qualifications of a service animal, you may have the legal right to keep your pet. Beyond examining the situation, it is a good idea to obtain, if possible, photographic evidence.. .

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