Saint John Construction Association Collective Agreements

5.6 Notwithstanding other provisions of the collective agreement, no employer is required to hire an EU member if that member of the Union is unable to obtain a security clearance or a proper criminal record check in accordance with the requirements of the employer or website owner. 23.01 During the duration of this collective agreement, the employer must submit a full and detailed written report to the person appointed by the Union as a director before the fifteenth day of each month; hence the total working time of each member of the Union in the previous calendar month, as well as a cheque corresponding to the amount which, by multiplying these hours by 5.5 the amount shown below, are not considered a denial of a worker`s right to grieve under the collective agreement. 17.04 Instead of a chamber and board allowance, staff, if agreed upon, take care of free space and food in a construction warehouse. Editor`s Note: Training Fund: The employer pays $0.30 for each hour worked under the collective agreement to the Enterprise Engineers Training Fund. 4.1 The Union agrees that there will be no strikes within the meaning of the NB Labour Relations Act for the duration of this collective agreement. 6.4 Local staff show up no later than the morning of the third (3rd) working day of the work application mentioned above. Employees of other local unions will show up no later than the morning of the seventh (seventh) working day of the above-mentioned work application. If the EU is unable to meet the above requirements, the employer can obtain workers from other IBEW construction workers. All employees obtained by other IBEW construction workers will report to the union at agreed sites before working for the employer.

1.1 The aim of this agreement is to define and maintain satisfactory hours, wages and working conditions for both parties, as well as orderly collective bargaining. The Collective Retrieval System Agreement (CARS) is an online search engine for collective agreements and arbitration awards that has been submitted to the Division of Labour Relations. The CARS system also includes the quarterly publication « Collective Bargaining in New Brunswick. » 6.1 Where possible, the EU makes electricians and apprentices available to them. All staff members are recruited by the relevant local union, provided that the employer can transfer to a site a key man, who is not recruited and who must be a foreman or a general agent, on each site or, if the tender documents are necessary, a key man for each contract on a construction site. This key man must be a member of an IBEW construction site. The rest of the recruitment of associates is based on a (1) to a (1) name adjustment; 1. Employers` Choice, 2nd Choice Union, 3. Employers of choice, 4. Union of choice and so on for each contract. The hiring of all apprentices is subject to a full name. HISTORIC NOTE: Following the 1990 round of negotiations, Section 18 « Wage Amount and Hazardous Pay » and Article 19 « Abnormal Conditions » of the collective agreement were increased to 1% (1%) suppressed. The current personal package « Total Hourly » and is considered part of the overall economic regime between ECANB and the local union 1555 IBEW.