Scottish Government Framework Agreement

The current contract with Glasgow Taxis Ltd (formerly Glasgow Wide TOA) is used by all HE Institutions in the Glasgow area. This is the only taxi company recommended for the university under a joint agreement with the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian. This scheme offers the ability to create departmental accounts with the provider, with account names, code numbers and passwords. For more information on the contract, click here: Glasgow Taxis Ltd Agreement SPA offers a simple basic service. We bring together buyers and suppliers to build, rehabilitate and preserve social housing and public property, more efficiently and cheaply, and to use the local community. Our frameworks for local authorities, social donors and other public bodies have been developed and developed to ensure comprehensive coverage. The framework documents, including the delivery agreement and the EDF Energy Operational Process manual, are in the Knowledge Hub. The Digital Conference Services Framework aims to maximise the efficiency and cooperation that will enable Scottish public sector organisations to cooperate and cooperate more effectively with their stakeholders, while making full use of the opportunities offered by technology to help. The service will support the development of a collaborative communication environment in which organizations can use a number of services, ranging from basic audio conferoe calls to more advanced webcastings. The solution offering should ensure that participants have easy access to any device (including mobile) and compatibility with existing devices, systems and services. Details of contracts can be found in the contract register The framework includes maintenance of the following: Question: How do you know which suppliers are in your framework? The G-Cloud framework allows you to select and acquire cloud services for specialized cloud infrastructure, platform, software and services.

The framework is intended for pay-as-you-go cloud services based on raw materials on four lots: all services associated with the provision of the product groups described above will be taken into account as part of this framework. A single supplier weft system for the provision of office client devices and associated services. For advice and requests for equipment, please contact the University Learning Spaces Support Manager. The following framework agreement should be considered in the first place. This catalogue lists procurement frameworks that are leased by the Scottish Government and the Crown Commercial Service and which can be useful for the provision of public services online.