Wholesale Broadband Agreement

3.87 The Committee recognizes improved competitiveness and efficiency outcomes for the local and national economy, which can be achieved through a better understanding of information technology for SMEs and the use of faster broadband connections offered by the NBN. n « Ubiquitous broadband promises significant opportunities for Australian companies to create competitive advantages. If you use CenturyLink portals to qualify for WTN, the account must be booked into the CenturyLink billing system. When sending a local service request (LSR), the TNS field must be filled either with a reserve TN or with an N value (depending on the IMA or EASE). CenturyLink provides a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) data TN. If the loop response is not available, do not ask for a new stand-alone broadband service, while the agreement with Telstra has been extremely complex and has lasted longer than expected, the government is confident that these agreements will protect the interests of Australian taxpayers and support the deployment of NBN by providing access to existing infrastructure, minimizing overhead wiring and reducing the total cost of NBN. In addition, NBN Co will proactively manage the construction schedule for project duration to minimize and overcome delays. [7] Note that line movements and UDC distances are not available for N-T commands, C-commands that add a new line at the same time as broadband or stand-alone service. The fourth edition of NBN Co`s wholesale broadband agreement came into force today after months of negotiations. … more Australian companies and non-profit organizations in municipalities that will first benefit from the NBN, especially in non-metropolitan areas, by enjoying the benefits of high-speed online engagement.

This initiative will help these organizations achieve cost savings, productivity gains and better marketing through greater online engagement. [62] 3.9 Since the ACCC review of telstra-SSU was delayed beyond 20 December 2011, the terms of the Telstra agreement were extended until 30 March 2012, in agreement with the parties concerned. [3] CSG`s obligations to telecommunications distributors may therefore be a constituent element, for example, of wholesale broadband agreements between NBN Co and telecommunications companies. ACCAN believes that an appropriate service guarantee from NBN Co as a wholesaler is necessary for CSG to remain a viable consumer protection measure. If such guarantees are not made available to retailers, retail service providers may have no choice but to request exemptions from CSG`s contractual obligations. [47] n « Over time, HFC customers who require services at a higher speed are likely to migrate from Optus to NBN. There are a number of views on how quickly current HFC Optus customers want these higher speeds. While the ACCC did not provide advice on future high-speed broadband requirements, it agreed that the Optus HFC network would not be profitable once a critical mass of customers was lost. [15] This version of the WBA is a standard form of the XIC Access Agreement of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and is the latest standard offer. Please note that this standard form of access contract (SFAA) and the latest standard offer consist of all documents related to this page, unless the document explicitly states that it is not part of the SFAA. This includes both WBA documentation and the content of outstanding changes that have already been notified to existing customers, as shown below. In its final report on its NBN Access Pricing and Wholesale Standards, the ACCC welcomed the improvement of NBN Co`s wholesale access systems.